10-34W Luxcomb LED

The High Brightness Epistar SMD 5730 chips and an efficient in built driver have been specially designed to give excellent lumen output and an expected lifespan of more than 50,000 hours ensuring that once the LED tubes have been fitted that the luminaire is virtually maintenance free and incorporates an impressive 5 year Warranty.
Incorporating a unique specially designed finned Aluminium heatsink to ensure optimal heat dissipation ensuring longevity of life.
Frosted or Transparent cover options available, 180 degree rotational End caps allow the tube to be installed in any orientation within the luminaire offering excellent versatility.
Each LED tube is supplied complete with an LED starter, this enables the tube to be retrofitted into most traditional switch start luminiares without the need of modifying the existing wiring. In some circumstances including High Frequency ballasts, modification of the luminaire consisting of the removal of the ballast will be required to enable the LED tubes to operate correctly and efficiently.
Important: Utilises single ended electrical input to ensure that there is no risk of electrical shock when maintaining or changing LED tube..

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